Allergy Show – 5th & 6th November 2016

The team battered up a storm cooking up a rare treat of Gluten Free Fish & Chips at the Allergy Show for the demanding public who stood in long queues eagerly waiting to buy our amazing successful gluten free fish and chips. For most it was a real treat to be able to eat one of their favourite dishes at last! One young boy said that he had not been able to eat fish and chips for many years and would walk 10,000 miles to eat our gluten free fish and chips, which just says it all!

Many of the top 10 finalists for the 2017 Fish and Chip shop of the Year all use Middleton Foods fabulous tasting batter, a true testament that Middleton Foods are giving the public what they want, delicious, consistently great tasting fish and chips and now gluten free!

Ryan Baker, Sales Manager said “It was nice to see the public reaction to our products and to talk with them to get an understanding of the requirements of the gluten free market. We were particularly pleased with the reaction to our Gluten Free Curry and Gravy. It seems that these products will be very popular for our fish and chip customers”.