Middleton’s Flow Cup

Perfect Batter Consistency Guaranteed Every Time

Even if you are using the most consistent batter mix available, unless it is mixed correctly every time, results can vary – especially if the batter is not always made by the same person. Middletons have developed a FLOWCUP to measure the batters thickness to ensure a consistent product, time after time.

Flowcup Guide
1. Mix batter, as per packet instructions.
2. Holding finger over nozzle, fill flowcup, release finger and time the batter running through the nozzle.
3. We recommend a Flowcup time of 60 seconds.
4. Adjust thickness of batter, using cold water or more batter powder.
5. Mixed batter will last no longer than 2-3 hours.
You must Continously flowcup the mixed batter to maintain correct thickness.
6. Discard batter after 3 hours.