GARlic butter GLAZE

A classic creamy mild curry spiced marinade


Middleton Foods Glaze Range

Garlic Butter Glaze

A classic creamy mild curry spiced marinade.

Suitable for vegetarians. Cook thoroughly before consumption.

Available in 2.5kg.

Fat (g) – 7.8
Calories – 384
Salt (g) – 6.8

Per 100g as sold.

Garlic Butter Glaze

Nutritional Info

All of UK and NI


Based on years of product development and analysis, this product is best suited and favoured by customers living here.  

Garlic Butter Glaze

A subtle blend of garlic with a distinctive rich creamy butter note, accentuated by a hint of parsley. Ideal for fish and chicken.

Available in 2.5kg and 10kg.

Fat (g) – 1.6
Calories – 332.8
Salt (g) – 11.75

Per 100g as sold.