Fish and Chips & Fast Food

Middleton's offer a complete range of products including Batter Mixes, Curries, Gravies and Chicken Breadings. From regional varieties to nationally recognised brands, Middleton's have a product to suit your business.

Middleton's Batter Mixes

Middleton's Batter Mixes offer the quality and consistency that is the hallmark of the Middleton range. Manufactured using the finest ingredients, our Batter Mixes are used by Award winning Fish and Chip shops.

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Middleton's Curries & Gravies

Middleton’s offer the customer a complete range of curries, gravies and sauces. From regional varieties to the nationally recognised ‘Chippies Choice’ our selection will suit every taste.

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Roosters Chicken Breading

Roosters chicken breading system offers the fast food operator a quality product. Ideally suited for customers wanting to expand their product range. Roosters has a range of breadings to suit everyone’s taste.

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Middleton's Flow Cup

Perfect Batter Consistency Guaranteed Every Time.Middletons have developed a FLOWCUP to measure the batters thickness to ensure a consistent product, time after time. Find out more